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Fab Introduction


 HLMC operates an advanced 300mm IC production line with maximum full capacity of 35,000 (300mm) wafers per month. Considering all aspects of the next generation semiconductor technology, HLMC adopts the most advanced production equipment to provide the leading edge technology. Those tools are the advanced 193nm immersion photolithography, performance-enhancing silicon strain technology, metal hard mask dual damascene and etc. The fab facility is also equipped advanced defect inspection equipment and scanning electron microscope (SEM) for the defect detection, performance and reliability improvement.


HLMC is the first 300mm IC wafer foundry in mainland China that adopts the Automatic Material Handling System (AMHS), which is formed by track, stocker, vehicle, and buffer. The track consists of the central delivery track, track connection each tool, and surrounding loop track with full length of 3246m and coverage of all the equipment in the whole clean room.

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